The pharmaceutical industry makes BILLIONS out of toxic cancer treatments! (It is reported that just in the U.S. alone it totals $200,000,000,000 Billion). It is one of the most lucrative markets on the planet and they won’t be giving that up easily! You may be surprised to learn that nature has some incredibly powerful cancer treatments and yet the information and studies on these treatments do not get shown to the masses; imagine a world where that was deliberate? Have a look & listen at what's being hidden here.

The Health Wyze Cancer Report

If you or someone you know is diagnosed with cancer, the first thing to do is NOT PANIC, and then watch the new cancer report video that has been released by Health Wyze. This is a must see and should be the start of your journey.  Incredible and vital information.  Click here to view.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D has been shown to reduce certain cancers by 75%; click here for a free video that get this important message to you! And go directly to which specialises in Vitamin D3 health.

Cancer - Step out of the Box (Ty Bollinger)

Hear Ty Bollinger interviewed on Jeff Rense radio show - Click here!

Hear Ty Bollinger interviewed on Out-There TV. Click here!

Ty Bollinger's website. Click here!

Cancer - Step out of the Box - Book available at Amazon UK here!

Vitamin B17
Edward G Griffin presents ‘A World Without Cancer’ click here!

And then ‘The Science & Politics of Cancer’ click here!

Edward G Griffins (and others) books are available here!

Vitamin B17 Therapy - Does it work? Report from - Click here!

B17 - Seperating Myth from Reality - Report from CancerActive - Click here!

B17 - The Hidden Cancer Buster - Report from The Healthier Life - Click here!


If anyone should introduce you to the amazing properties and uses of hemp, let it be Rick Simpson.

Full length radio interview with Rick Simpson. Click here!

'Run from the Cure' - The Rick Simpson Story on Google video - Click here!

Rick Simpson report with many other links for info and research. Click here!

Cannabis Culture - Click here!

Hemp Revolution video presentation - Pt 1 - Click here!  And pt 2 - Click here!

Magic Weed video - The History of Hemp - Click here!

Hemp for Victory - video presentation - Click here!

Medicinal use of Cannabis - video presentation - Click here!

The Marijuana Conspiracy - Report from the Dot Connector - Click here!

Dispensary owners report 50 - 300% rise in legal marijuana use since Obama took office. Report here!

Bicarbonate of Soda

Dr T Simoncini has been getting remarkable results with this therapy. Click here!

Treatment information regarding Bicarbonate of Soda from Cancer Tutor. Click here!


Powerful detoxifier.  Click here for more info

Click here for UK supplier
Hidden Cancer Info